Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review | The Dry Bar Pasadena

{Today my heart and prayers goes out to those in Boston. May our lives not be led by fear of these tragic events, but by God's grace, hope, and love instead.}

I was hooked on The Dry Bar's glamorous blowouts when my sis took me to the one in San Jose for my birthday last December. So, when my friend Kate of Wear in LA mentioned getting blowouts at the new location in Pasadena, I was all in (it's right next to Lemonade on S. Lake Avenue). I'm actually a cheap-o when it comes to treating myself to spa treatments or a day of pampering ... mainly because I tend to save my money for clothes, of course. 

However, lately I've realized the importance of gifting myself a day of R&R at least once a month (The standard wash+blowout price is $35). {The Dry Bar even offers "Bar Tab" membership packages that save you some money if you decide to make it a monthly ritual.}

{Kate and I post blowouts!}

The Pasadena location (which opened December 2012) is significantly larger than the bar in San Jose. This location had both front and back stations for blowouts, a room dedicated to hair washing, and a VIP styling room if you'd like some extra-special attention (unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to take pictures of all the gorgeous rooms in this lovely salon, but trust me it's all stunning). I was told the crisp white and bright yellow decor was created to feel like you were stepping into someone's welcoming, yet well designed home. Not to mention the service and extra bonuses (like free drinks served up by the accommodating "bartenders" and the girly flick playing while you get your hair styled), which add to the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

{Above: As I sat down in my chair, Breakfast at Tiffany's had just started, which made my experience that much more enjoyable!}

Gary Domasin is a seasoned Dry Bar professional--having worked at both their Santa Monica and West Hollywood locations, before adding his work to the vibrant life at Dry Bar Pasadena. As I sat down, he was sweet enough to compliment how "gorgeous and thick" my hair was, and took his time to make sure my "Cosmotai" style came out just as it should. I was so appreciative of the extra time (and muscles!) he spent blow drying and adding the finishing touches. Thank you so much, Gary! You can check out more of his amazing work and book an appointment with him here.

{I just had to add this picture of a handmade ring Kate gave me the other day. She has a love for vintage Chanel-like style and makes lovely jewelry that you can find and purchase here.}

{The back view of my 'do. Photography by Kate of Wear in LA}

If you live in the Pasadena area, do your hair and yourself a favor by booking an appointment at The Dry Bar. I'm on the third day of my blowout, and my hair still has major volume and a slight curl. Anytime I can get away without washing my hair for a few days is fine by me.

Have you been to The Dry Bar? If so, which style did you get?


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  1. I like the idea of going to a dry bar once a month!!! =)

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  2. great idea. A must try for me.


  3. WOW, this is a brand new concept to me. So interesting! I can't go a day without showering though because of my reactive skin. Your hair is fabulous!

  4. I've never been, but it sounds like a really relaxing enjoyable experience, and your hair looks gorgeous!
    Chic on the Cheap

  5. This place looks amazing, you have gorgeous hair. I love getting pampered, but like I love shopping more haha.


  6. You look amazing!! I'm not sure that I've ever gotten a blowout, it's difficult for me to spend money on my hair (other than a dry trim)...but clearly I'm missing out!!
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