Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Instagram Profiles to Follow NOW

@BlushShop | Michelle Lee

It’s pink, parisian inspired, and oh so pretty. I stumbled upon Blush Shop owner Michelle Lee’s Instagram account and swooned with pink envy at her perfectly arranged vignettes and collection of girly vintage goods.

Michelle runs her store out of Ontario, Canada, but if you don’t live locally you can shop her simple yet sweet collection here. On any given day you can find outfit and home decor inspiration from her creative store displays and lovely “outfits of the day.” With over 66,000 followers, and growing, this small niche boutique has reached pink-lovers all over the world.

blush shop instagram.jpg

@GaryPepper || Nicole Warne

Known as Gary Pepper Girl on social media, Nicole Warne (who has over 850,000 followers) takes the phrase “elevating everyday life” to insane levels. This Australian-born girl/model/blogger/world traveler, along with her photographer boyfriend, travels the world in search of beautifully inspiring destinations while modeling clothes that appear to be made for a fine porcelain doll. Truthfully, besides feeling envious, you’re guaranteed to find yourself in a daydream while scrolling through this powerhouse fashionista’s IG feed.

gary pepper girl.jpg

@HeyGorgEvents || Rhiannon Bosse

Rhiannon Bosse of Hey Gorgeous Events is one of those women that seems to have it all: a caring husband, flourishing career, impeccable design eye, and the most adorable pup. But then, if you take a moment to read the thoughtful captions that follow her beautifully photographed images, you’ll notice she’s a flawed human with doubts, dreams, and challenges to face as well. There’s no doubt about it that Rhiannon is an incredible individual, whose feminine yet innovative eye for design has taken the wedding and events industry by storm. Still, what always draws me back to her feed is her relatability and charming sweetness. You go girl!

hey gorgeous events instagram.jpg


One thing I must constantly remind myself about is the power of simplicity and this next Instagram account reminds me of that exact sentiment. Clementine Daily is also a women’s lifestyle blog that seeks to inspire sweeter everyday life. Even if I don’t have time to browse their uber-helpful and inspiring blog, Clementine’s IG feed provides the just-right amount of motivation to give me a little boost throughout the day.

clementine daily.jpg


Is it just me, or have crazy and intricate nail designs become the new standard over the past few years? Maybe it is just that I never noticed how much effort people put into their cuticles! While there are several IG accounts that feature over-the-top designs, I’m partial to more understated, yet unique styles. Enter, Olive & June. A uber-sophisticated and urban nail salon in Beverly Hills--a destination for Hollywood socialites and celebrities like Drew Barrymore. Olive & June nail polish and designs are fresh, simple, and nail perfection. Browse their IG feed for an endless amount of nail inspiration!

olive & June instagram.jpg