Thursday, April 25, 2013

April 2013 // Spending Report

April Spending


Old Navy Paisley Blue Shorts // $15 // I found these about 20% off in-store at the beginning of April, the pair I bought was less than the pair priced online.

Old Navy Mint Boat Shoes // $15 // Found these on sale in-store at the beginning of April as well. 

Forever 21 Lavender Skinnies  // $16 // I'm so tempted to buy every color, such an incredible price.

Forever 21 Peplum Zip Jacket // $20 // LOVE peplum, and love how versatile this jacket is.

Forever 21 Elephant Tank // $20 // Elephants? Sold. I had to buy this classic take on a novelty print. Not to mention is has gold studs up the back of the top!

Charlotte Russe Gemstone Necklace // $5 // Bought on sale with promo code. I'm absolutely loving the coral orange color.

Charlotte Russe Metallic Bow Sandals // $12.50 // Bought during sale earlier in the month. 

Urban Outfitters Macaron Box // $9 // I've been dying to have this adorable macaron jewelry box! I bought mine in a blush pink, but they are sold out of the color now. I also used a 10% off promo code: wackslacks expires 5/02/2013.

Coach Daisy Tote // $90 // I was on the hunt for another versatile black bag and the Coach Factory was having a MAJOR sale. Couldn't pass this beauty up!


Clarisonic Mia // $100 // I had a 15% off code for Sephora and decided it was time to invest in a Clarisonic. I may do a review on it in the coming months.

Nars Powder // $28 // Discounted because of my 15% off code. I read rave reviews about this product and haven't gotten to use it much yet, though I hope it truly works wonders!

DiorShow Mascara // $21 // My favorite mascara brand of ALL TIME. Used 15% off code for this as well.

Mario Badescu Eye Cream // $18 // A fellow blogger said this cream worked wonders for her heavy under eye circles, I'm hoping she was right!

TOTAL: $369.50

Phew! I definitely spent quite a hunk of change this past month, and actually, April isn't even over yet! With that number in mind, I've decided to fast from shopping for the month of May. It's definitely needed. In the mean time I'll be saving up for my trip to Boston this summer and for my first DSLR camera. I could use all the encouragement a shopaholic can get, so please feel free to leave a comment! Have you ever done a shopping fast? 


  1. Love the peplum jacket and the sandals! Looks like a great haul. I like to refer to college as my long shopping fast. Haha.

  2. I am loving the peplum jacket! So pretty! The purse is also to die for!
    New follower! I hope you will check out my blog and follow back!
    Love Me, Dani Marie

  3. Thanks for sharing,:D


  4. April is such a tough month! It seems all the retailers have their F&F sales. I also stocked up at Ulta and Sephora. I LOVE the Mario Badescu eye was recommended to me by a sales associate at Ulta. The Clarisonic is amazing to. I recently did a review.

  5. I don't believe in a shopping fast. You might miss a good deal and regret it haha!

  6. Im in love with your picks! I love the boat shoes & sandals!!
    Let me know about your clarisonic. I have one and been using it for years now!

    Much love <3


  7. This is a great post! It's good to breakdown what you spend so you know what you can do next month etc. Those shorts from old navy are adorable. I want them now hehe xo

  8. Oh wow, I wish I could track down all of my fashion & beauty expenses. But you've got some amazing steals there!! Good job :)

    If you have a sec, I would love to hear your thoughts on my latest:

  9. lovely picks! especially the loafers!
    xo Jessica
    stop by if ya get a chance


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