Thursday, February 6, 2014

Introducing LucyMint

"Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your strength..." 
{Ecclesiastes 9:10}

At 2013's end, I reflected on the S&P boutique's journey since its launch last July. Sparkles and Prays was a name that I had decided upon about two years ago without truly thinking through my vision and long term goals for my blog, and now boutique. The sentimental side of me will continue this blog under the same name of Sparkles and Prays. However, a tug on my heart and moments of prayer have led me to LucyMint, the new name for my quaint online shop. (You can read the Instagram announcement here and see our logo mock-ups.)

Many people don't know this, but my mother's nickname for me has been Lucy for as long as I can remember. (I still wonder why my parents didn't name me that in the first place.) It's the name I hear every time I call home and it's also the name I hear when my mom thinks I'm being too sassy (I get it from her). And then there's Mint. My favorite shade of green, the description of things in pristine condition (a reminder of how Christ's redemption makes all things new), and the distinct aroma of my grandmother's purse (since she always has menthol cough drops on hand).

There's still much to be done in terms of branding, but my goal was to let everyone know about this rebrand before the change actually happens, in order to minimize confusion. 

I do apologize for any confusion this change may create, but I promise this labor of love and joy will create an even better experience for you, our lovely shoppers. Thank you in advance for sticking with us as we enter into this new season--a season that's still as chic, sparkly, and fanciful as ever.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teacups & Baubles

Teacups from my favorite vintage-chic online retailer
Life lately has been a series of juxtaposed moments. From attending a funeral and wedding ceremony in the same day, to feeling so far yet so close to our loving Creator. January was a month of contrasting highs and lows, to say the least. In college I felt I learned and gained new insights everyday about a variety of topics. Now, two years post-college, God has pressed the "hold" button on those constant new experiences, and has been encouraging me to wholeheartedly focus on the basic foundations of life: faith and friendships. I've seen God's hand slowly yet tightly knit together those two things for me and it's been a gradual and beautiful process to witness.   

These past few months I took advantage of the holidays and took a break from the boutique (though my busybody mindset did keep me active on Poshmark). Now, I'm back in the game with a handful of new items in the shop (see below). I'm also working on a complete re-brand of my boutique, which may even bring on new name. . . . Something that I have been thinking about and preparing for months. Below are a few snapshots that display my new love for the VSO cam app and white background photography. I can't help it, I'm addicted.  

New Jewels in the Sparkles & Prays Boutique 
Aqua tassel bracelet. One of my favorite new arrivals
Learning to partake in ceaseless prayer with my Maker.
Prints available at this lovely Etsy shop.