Thursday, May 22, 2014

Poshmark Closet Crush // Kate of Wear in LA

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You know a friendship has reached insane heights when you and your best friend come up with the same silly adventures, you become comfortable booty popping in the vicinity of random strangers, and you can laugh and be vulnerable with one another within the same sentence. Who would have thought a friendship like this would've resulted from my random decision to sign up for the shopping and selling app, Poshmark. (Over a year ago I wrote a review about Poshmark here.)

Kate, pictured above and below, was one of the first "posh friends" I met in real life. We hit it off in a fashion-trend minute and have grown closer everyday since. From photo shoots, double-dates, encouraging daily texts, to similar life goals, I realize how rare it is to find a friend who you're so compatible with. And, the fact that all of this came from a social shopping app continues to blow my mind!

Style, support, and shopping, are the three main reasons why Kate and I  first connected--the main reasons why the Poshmark app has soared to success and won't be slowing down anytime soon. Kate is one of the top Poshmarkers and I continually learn so much from her business-savvy mind, photographer's eye, and creative style. This girl right here is most definitely one of my top closet crushes, so much so that we've become accustomed to sharing clothes, regularly! 

Here are a few of my current favorites from Kate's closet. Be sure to browse and shop her entire curated collection here: @wearinla. Also, you can find her fulfilling her dreams and blogging about it over on 

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Monday, May 12, 2014

Kimono Inspired

 Similar items: Black & White Kimono Cardigan // Tulle Skirt // White Tank Top // Gold Bow Heels // Sunglasses

Seeing as I'm half Japanese, this Kimono inspired look was perfectly suited for me. I balanced out the edginess of the cardigan's print with a feminine tulle skirt and gold bow heels. What I love about this outfit was its understated sophistication and its on-trend nature. 

Thank you to my amazing gal pal, Kate, of  

Splurge vs. Save // Summer Edition

As a regular thrift shop hunter, Target connoisseur, and coupon lover, you better believe my favorite finds this summer were all under $50. Recently, Erin from Credit Card Insider emailed me about being a part of their Splurge vs. Save campaign. She asked that I spotlight one item that I chose to purchase over a more expensive item. Though, true to my bargain hunter title, I found so many steals that I couldn't highlight just one. 

My splurge inspirations came in at a total of $1,244.00. *GASP*. But, my incredibly similar wallet-friendly fashions totaled at $113. Yippee!

summer splurge
summer splurge