Thursday, April 19, 2012

Graduation Dress

Coral, Bows, & a Miu Miu-esque heel. Perfect!
I just received my graduation shoes in the mail today and couldn't be happier! If my personality could be described by a shoe I think this pair would be the one. The site I originally saw them on has been out of stock of the coral colored heel for about a month and I thought all hope was loss. But leave it to to come to my rescue and have the shoes in my size for half the price of what I would have paid at the original site!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Twenty Days

New Bedroom Options
I've been updating the layout of Sparkles and Prays for the past two hours while I should be checking things off of my to-do-list for graduation, which is just a few short weeks away. Twenty days to be exact, but who's counting? Why is it that when one chapter of your life is closing you can't help but look forward to the next with eager anticipation?

I'll be moving into an apartment with four of my closest girlfriends this May and all I can think about is decorating my new home and how I'm going get a full bed to fit in my room. Not to mention that I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I'm dying to land!  How can one think about homework right now?!

Today I realized that I started this blog with the hope that it would motivate me to do more of the things that I love, some of which are writing, reflecting, sharing fashion inspiration, crafting and cooking. Those are the things that I have been looking forward to doing after I graduate when I have "more time" to do them.

But when do we ever have more time? A very special person recently told me that I am the type of person that finds so many things to commit to that I end up with no time for myself. I think a lot of people are like that who, like me, crave the satisfaction in being busy. But what I've found is that I never get real satisfaction from doing too many things at once. What I get is a burnt out hot-mess.
I'm making a commitment solely to myself right now to do the things that I love and do them well. God never demands me to be a multitasker, but He does ask me to be with Him and savor each moment that I am blessed with.

Here are some moments that I'm looking forward to in the near future:
A mix of modern and feminine
Purchasing a cozy chair for a reading nook
Hosting monthly tea parties for the ladies