Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just Because You're You

There have been several times this month that I've wanted to make or give something to a friend simply because they mean so much to me, and deserve a "just because" gift every now and then.

My current favorite is {DIY sharpie dishware.} I blogged about my own experience decorating a plate, and have since made another one for a cupcake-loving friend.

{A single cupcake} Need I say more? Sweets are typically the way to any sane human's heart. My coworker brought me an extra treat from her Oscar's party. A "Life of Pi" cupcake. Genius!

{An inexpensive care package} This can be items pulled from the dollar store so long as they have a personal touch that you know the receiver will find joy in. Below is a sample of one I put together for a newlywed friend's honeymoon, but the same idea can be applied to any occasion!

And last but not least, a simple card will do. My favorites are by Papyrus. There is something about a beautiful and hand written note that makes life prettier, don't you think?

{Via Papyrus}
What ideas do you have for sharing the love and letting someone know you care in your everyday life?



  1. That is so sweet and who would turn down a cupcake lol?! I've been feeling the same way lately. Just wanted to let people know how much I appreciate them. : )

  2. This entire post is so sweet! Love it! Great ways to show people you care about them!

    xoxo Meghan


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