Monday, February 11, 2013

Butterflies + Santa Barbara

{Beautiful Santa Barbara}

This past weekend I was able to travel up the 101 and visit my sister in Santa Barbara. I'm blessed to have siblings that live in such gorgeous coastal towns! Whenever I visit she  plans one adventurous thing to do, so this weekend we hiked around the Coronado Butterfly Preserve, a quaint eucalyptus grove that rests a short walk from the ocean. I was surprised to see the Monarchs nestled tightly together on a single branch, turning the bright green branches to orange. This was a moment I wished I had an awesome DSLR camera so, unfortunately, my iPhone (as great as it is) just couldn't capture the moment. Instead, here are some snapshots of one lone butterfly, a few plants, the ocean, and two silly sisters enjoying the view. 
{My sassy sister}
{A restful Monarch butterfly}

{Excuse my bellybutton.}

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  1. I've never been to Santa Barbara! Looks pretty~

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