Sunday, February 17, 2013

Woodzee Glasses: "Wood Looks Good"

This past year I fell in love with several sustainable fashion brands and have yet another one to add to the list. Woodzee, an up and coming wooden glasses company based in Northern California, strives to provide stylish and eco-conscious glasses and sunglasses. Woodzee sent me a pair of their new Bookworm Spectacles to test run, and I have to say my friends and I loved them! The Bookworm collection is not yet available for prescription lenses, but I do see Rx glasses in Woodzee's future as their young and smart company continues to grow. I recruited my gorgeous roommate Kathryn and dapper boyfriend Ronnie (several of their frames are unisex!) to help me model the bamboo wood frames.

{Here are some snapshots of us having fun with the Woodzee glasses!}
{She's flawless! Kathryn also said what she loved about the frames was their springy flexibility, as she has a hard time finding glasses that fit her face comfortably.}

{Ronnie loves the look of dark wooden accessories, so these dark brown bamboo glasses were a perfect combination--looking both natural and high-quality.}

 {Woodzee's Mission}

"Our mission is simple. We strive toward growing a business that is committed to providing quality products priced for everyone to enjoy. We are equally committed to promoting a healthier relationship between humankind and nature, by constructing beautiful pieces created from natural renewable resources. Our goal is to travel the world in search of the most amazing wood to share with our customers through our products  while also giving back to the local communities from which we harvest the wood used in our products. Ultimately, we hope to promote preservation and rejuvenation of the forests that we visit worldwide. Please join us in fostering a healthier relationship between style and nature by enjoying Woodzee's unique wood products."

{One of my favorite styles: Woodzee's Brown Bamboo "Daphne" sunglasses | $85}
 **This post is sponsored by Woodzee**


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    1. Thnk you! Not that huge of a fan of the frames on my face, but I had to try!

  2. These wood sunglasses look really good. I really like this.


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