Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Teacups & Baubles

Teacups from my favorite vintage-chic online retailer
Life lately has been a series of juxtaposed moments. From attending a funeral and wedding ceremony in the same day, to feeling so far yet so close to our loving Creator. January was a month of contrasting highs and lows, to say the least. In college I felt I learned and gained new insights everyday about a variety of topics. Now, two years post-college, God has pressed the "hold" button on those constant new experiences, and has been encouraging me to wholeheartedly focus on the basic foundations of life: faith and friendships. I've seen God's hand slowly yet tightly knit together those two things for me and it's been a gradual and beautiful process to witness.   

These past few months I took advantage of the holidays and took a break from the boutique (though my busybody mindset did keep me active on Poshmark). Now, I'm back in the game with a handful of new items in the shop (see below). I'm also working on a complete re-brand of my boutique, which may even bring on new name. . . . Something that I have been thinking about and preparing for months. Below are a few snapshots that display my new love for the VSO cam app and white background photography. I can't help it, I'm addicted.  

New Jewels in the Sparkles & Prays Boutique 
Aqua tassel bracelet. One of my favorite new arrivals
Learning to partake in ceaseless prayer with my Maker.
Prints available at this lovely Etsy shop.

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