Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Piece...of Mind

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I recently interviewed the inspirational Kristin Ritzau, author of A Beautiful Mess, for an article I wrote on for our university's magazine. Writing the article, which was about the hunger for perfection in our lives, ended up being the catalyst for this season of slowing down for me and organizing priorities.

As I transcribed my interview with Kristin, the answers she had for the questions resonated with me even greater than they had earlier in the week. The way she described the feelings of guilt for taking time to yourself and forgetting about the activities in your life that you love to make time for things you are expected to do, was putting my behavior exactly into words.

Kristin used the term life-giving with conviction as she explained that sometimes journal writing is better for the soul than the stack of to-do lists you've written for yourself.
It was an incredible blessing to receive so much wisdom for myself through the process of writing the article. It made me question if I was making time for the things in my life that truly bring joy to my soul.

It has become a daily decision to quit living up to everyone's expectations (and even my own unrealistic standards) and begin celebrating the things that invigorate and spark passion in my life.   With just a few months until I graduate from college, this moment has been about avoiding the question of "What do you want to do with the rest of your life?"but then grabbing a hold of that  unanswered question and understanding that whatever I do end up doing, I pray that it will be life-giving in every single way.

Here are some things that bring peace and joy to my own life that I'd love to share:

Crafting! Yet another thing I love in life that is both relaxing and therapeutic, but still I always say, "I wish I had more time to craft!" This little shelf of German Glass Glitter found in a Berkeley store, is another picture-reminder to not lose sight of imagination and creativity.
I took this picture on a morning that I essentially decided to skip out on life (...specifically school), sip a green tea and browse through my favorite blogs. And I doubt anybody even missed me. I'd say, it was a morning well spent: rejuvenating, good for the soul, and filled with green tea antioxidants:)
The owner of Master Plans Events & Designs created this incredible floral arrangement with one of my personal favorites: blushing pink Dahlias.  Flowers have always reminded me of home. My father is in the flower business and to be honest I've been bred to be somewhat of a flower snob. I understand the way flowers should be cared for, which ones will have the longest lives and I absolutely hate when I can't remember the name of a specific flower. I'm no flower expert, but knowing how much I enjoy giving and getting flowers, I'd say I'm definitely a flower lover:)

My guy gave me this beautiful glass bud vase with an engraved prayer for our relationship this past Valentine's Day. He understands my obsession with flowers and always has the words of encouragement I need. As it sits on my dresser, a gift from him to me, I have been surprised just how much it reminds me to cherish the time you spend in relationship with others above all else. I had someone tell me once that if you strive for perfection in any area of your life let it be in your relationships. For me those relationships are with God, and with friends and family--these are the relationships in my life that I desperately need--the ties and bonds that are the epitome of life-giving.

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