Thursday, January 16, 2014

Balance + Full Energy Breakfast

Not only have I been focusing on my journey to better skin, I've also been diligent about learning about the nourishing foods that benefit my body the most. I have always been a breakfast person. I just can't start my day without something in my belly. I'm used to eating Kashi brand cereals or your basic Cheerios with some almond milk, in addition to a cup of coffee. Normally, if I ate my bowl of cereal at 7:30 AM, by 9:00 I was starving. I realized that relying solely on carbohydrates to kick-start my day after 8+ hours of sleeping and not eating was not going to cut it. 

Now my morning meals consist of a glass of lemon water and almond buttered toast with goji berries and chia seeds. I purchased the berries and seeds on Amazon from the Navitas Naturals brand. Their bags are filled with organic foods and are a bit pricey, but are worth every cent as the bags can last you several months. The chia seeds help your body stay hydrated and with the feeling of fullness. The goji berry super food is packed full with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Combined with the almond butter protein and the healthy carbohydrate of omega 3 seed bread (I purchase mine at Fresh & Easy, it's in the bread section wrapped in green), I typically feel full until my 10:30 AM snack!



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