Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Beginnings: Foxes and Leopards


Last week, I sat down for dinner with a friend and fellow fashion blogger. As we talked about our shared passions I realized something about myself, something that has been jumping out at me for the past few months, and which clearly revealed my true hopes for Sparkles and Prays. I've never felt entirely comfortable in front of the camera. I find joy in seeing other people style and document their outfits on a daily basis, but for me, it just doesn't fit.

What I truly love is being behind the lens and capturing beautiful snippets like the ones below. I've recently started getting a firmer grasp on my photography skills and still have a long way to go. Still, I find so much more fulfillment in seeing these images fill the pages of my blog, and I hope you do too.

Like today's post, you'll typically see images that link back to the boutique in some way. Soft and romantic vignettes that reflect my personal style and the things that I'm also inspired by. It's the details, like a perfectly dainty teacup or a handmade necklace that gives me life and inspires me to pause and love every moment.

Gold Fox Face Bracelet
An adorable addition to your neutral fall wardrobe.
Another shot of the S&P Boutique's leopard and gold necklace. 

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