Monday, May 20, 2013

Lately Uninspired

For my few yet lovely readers, sorry for the lack of posts and new inspiration on my blog. Honestly, I've found myself uninspired and, unfortunately, simply unmotivated to write on Sparkles and Prays due to other life changes (all good!) happening at this time. I'm not sure if all bloggers slump into lulls like the one I'm currently in, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm not alone in this feeling. 

I love style, writing, and the community that blogging has brought me. Though, I've realized the fear of disinterested readers and the hope to gain more followers, was becoming the motivation behind my blog. Ultimately, I want to share the things that I'm truly excited to write about, rather than pulling together a quick post just for the thrill of it.

I've accepted that other priorities will come first throughout the different seasons of my life, and I have to allow myself those guiltless periods of time to find the inspiration that I always hope to share with you here on S & P

I love everything that blogging has allowed me to do, and as a new blogger, I'm always looking for more ways to define and refine my voice as a life and style realm. Thus, in moments like these, I'm constantly thankful for the grace that God allows us, to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride he has prepared for us--and in this case, one blog post at a time. :)

And now, here are a few random, but fun, snapshots from the last month that I have been wanting to share with you all. (Sorry some are a bit grainy!)

My new fur-nephew, Jack! Too cute not to share.
A vintage Chanel that I found for a friend. Probably my most incredible find yet! 
New bedding = happy relaxation time for me :)
Purchased this new mannequin beauty, "LaShonda." She looks pretty good modeling my Poshmark items!



  1. Hi Elissa! I am feeling the exact same way you are. I don't know why, it seems like a lot of bloggers have been posting about being uninspired right now. Well, I definitely say take a break and come back when something inspires you. I've been just posting a few collages I've made here and there... but I'm about to take a little break myself!

    The photos you shared are lovely - the little puppy and that vintage Chanel! love it!

    Have a wonderful Monday, Elissa!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. There have actually been a few times when I have not been that motivated to keep up or felt that some things were not interesting. But you just have to realize that your best writing is going to occur when you are writing about something that you are excited, interested, and passionate about.

    Have a great evening!

  3. Hi Elissa, i have those days too that I am just not motivated, uninspired etc etc.... Can you find me a Chanel too, lol...... Where did you buy your mannequin lady, i been looking for one as well to do the same thing with my Poshmark. I just post some items every now and then.


  4. You are not alone, Elissa! Sometimes I have to take a step back because my blogging gets too motivated for the search for followers or the "need" to get loads of new pieces. I think it's important to keep focused on why you blog, for material that you're passionate about. Stay strong! :)

    The Petite Chronicles

  5. Yup... not alone. I'm pretty sure anyone who writes goes through plenty of lulls and writer's block. My advice: just take time off, remember why you write, and don't be afraid to get writing again. :)

  6. Elissa,
    I was missing your posts! I would come back and see that you hadn't been here and thought that you must be one busy girl! It is SO hard to balance life, friends, work and how much of yourself to share with readers. My inspiration comes from magazines, books and other bloggers. Just know there are no rules to blogging, its a hobby & should make you feel happy! Whenever it leads to less fulfillment - time to take a break ;)


  7. The vintage Chanel is so gorgeous!

  8. Indefinitely think everyone has moments like that!! Moments that they just want to write and do nothing lol. Or just enjoy life. Btw that vintage Chanel is amazing!! I still have yet to own anything Chanel. ; )


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