Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Piece of Purpose

"God didn't send us a first draft of Himself, He sent us perfection in Jesus Christ. We must do the same and offer only the best." 

I spent the last week in the Santa Cruz mountains at a Christian Writers Conference. First and foremost, I think God has given me a heart for written word, but finding my purpose within that gift has been a constant challenge. 

Part of the reason why I created this blog was to find my purpose through writing and to connect with other women like myself who are searching for their own.

This week I also learned about "Feeding the Artist Within," an idea that no matter what our special skills are, we must continue to grow in that skill and strive to know exactly why we have been blessed with it. One thing I must constantly remind myself is that Jesus came to Earth with a specific purpose, to be the redeemer for all of our sins. He fulfilled that purpose with incredible love and passion. Just as He offered us His best, I can only hope I am serving God and others with my absolute best as well. 

Do you have a talent that you've been neglecting? How can you use that talent to serve others?

{Busted out my tights and boots for the last time!}
{ "Find your voice in Christ and be the light in the darkness."}


  1. What a great question to get me thinking! Thanks for posting this. This is a good nudge to evaluate how I'm spending my time.

  2. This post has all of my favorite things: God, pink trees, polka dots, and green trees. :)

    I love that you have a passion for using your gifts to serve God and others. I'm sure God has great plans to use you.

    The Brayn of Chalayn

    1. P.S. I found your blog through the BlogLovin' Collective! New follower. :)

  3. What beautiful photos!

    I've been thinking about this a lot as well and my career paths are constantly changing because I want to do something that makes an impact on the world (as cheesy as that sounds) but it's so hard to find what that career is!


  4. Your pictures are so beautiful. Love your words, really touched me within, cause it's something I've been struggling with a lot lately. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. very beautiful post. I feel my talent that I have neglected is my art for fashion...i'll be 30 years old this year and I just Barely started my fashion blog in January...Prior to my blogging passion for fashion, I was stuck in the mindset of "Oh i'm too old to express my love for fashion" but you know what, God gave me this talent and now i'm happier then ever expressing my love for fashion on my blog :) thank you for this wonderful post.

  6. beautiful photographs <3 x

  7. Charming photos and beautiful words!!!

  8. stunning! :)
    It's a giveaway on blog and I'm waiting for you!


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