Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lace and Mint + Giveaway Announcement!

Feminine and Chic

My dream wardrobe consists of the above inspiration. Read on to see the reasons behind each of my picks! {Click on any of the icons to shop these items.}
  1. Lace and Rose Dress: I'm a sucker for a feminine dress. Put some lace on it, and I'm sold! The combination of this scalloped lace and the dusty pink is perfection.
  2. Miu Miu Sparkle Heels: I don't have the funds to buy Miu Miu shoes on a regular basis, but can't get enough of this ladylike style with the t-strap, glitter back, and the gorgeous nude hue. 
  3. Coach Mint Handbag: I have a slight unhealthy obsession with mint green. And not to mention that the structured style of this Coach purse is a classic. I think this will be on my wishlist for an upcoming anniversary (shh ...)!
  4. Rose Gold Pave Bangle: Rose gold and crystals. It's pretty obvious why I love this bracelet. 
  5.  Black Belt: When giving style advice, you'll often here me say, "Just belt it!" My love for high waisted skirts and flowy dresses is perfectly paired with a waist cinching belt. I often opt for a black faux snakeskin one with a gold buckle, similar to the one pictured above.
  6. Polka Dots and Tea Pots: Obviously not a style staple, but I'm inspired by the concept behind afternoon tea and the gorgeous patterns on vintage tea pots and cups. I started my collection a year ago and can't wait to find the perfect space to display them in!
  7. Florals and Parasols: My favorite part about God's creation is flowers. I love their vibrancy, uniqueness, and fragrance. My dad is a flower guru and I am so thankful for a childhood filled with adventures in the flower cooler and fresh bouquets on the kitchen table. The combination of this flower parasol inspires my whimsical side, where everything is graceful, sparkly, and light. 
What are some pieces that represent your style personality?


Brittany Gehre

Congratulation Brittany! Please message me on Facebook or shoot me an email with your address, your 31 Bits necklace and eye shadow palette from Radiant Cosmetics will be on its way to you shortly! Thank you to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for more giveaways in the future! 



  1. Replies
    1. Me too!! Always what I gravitate towards, the pastels and neutrals!

  2. When I read about your obsession with mint green, I said to myself, "can i get a what what?" I love it, too! Great picks, Elissa :)

  3. just got the coach penny purse in mint! love it , it goes with most of my clothes, just trying to fing a small
    wallet that fits without taking up the small realestate!! love it though


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